miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Grandes opinólogos del mundo

Comentario visto en la web de FIFA tras el partido de España - Portugal.

Pchop74 (USA)
Portugal and Spain are missing the obvious... Portugal is only 10million people. Besides Ronaldo there is no one on that team that matters anyway (Carvalho is old, and Pepe isnt in form). Why doesnt Portugal and Spain become one country again. Spantugal... Can you imagine the lineup. Eduardo - GK Sergio Ramos - RD Carvalho- CD Puyol- CD Pique- LD Pepe - CDM Xabi Alonso - M Xavi - M Iniesta - M Ronaldo - LF Villa - RF

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Dean dijo...

Spantugal? seriously